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How to make your google search optimisation

Google search optimisation

As we know,google is the world leading search engine now.So,many other try to optimize their site to be more search able to google user's.Since the beginning of internet era people try to find their answer on this search engine.

Google search optimisation

But the big question to optimize our site to be more search able on google search page?

Ok...i don't want to talk to much about this,cause this wasnt no secret anymore.Many webmaster try to do that and for newbie like us,it seems a little hard to do that,cause we don't know how to do it.

From this page,i Will try to explain to you how to make your site more search able on google search page,what ever your site Niche,brand or type. Its generally got the same path.

All you have to do just follow this simple instructions that i gave to you. Let's rolling

1. You need a web

Off course you need a web to start optimize it...silly me😊

2. You need a massive content

Yes,content of a website is the most important key for being optimize. Massive content means you have a massive opportunity to be found on internet with different keywords.

3. You need to arrange your web string

This is the fundamental form of your website,structures data of your page make you more crawlable by searchbot,not only googlebot or bingbot😊

4. You need a quality backlink

This is the last thing you need to have to make your competitors goes under your page on search result page. A good backlinks make a good authority page(ill explain that matter on my next page😊)

5. You need to optimize your google search console

If you didnt have it,start to make your properties on search console,cause its the essentials for your web to be crawled by googlebot.

I think that was the base thing you need to do to optimize your website.Hope i can explain that on my next post more detail about that. See you next time


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