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The best place to start your own blog

Where to start?

As a beginner creating a good blog is the hardest task to do.It could even be said to be a mission impossible, So you would be immediately leave it just like that.

But this time after you read this article from me maybe you will think differ and start to think how much fun to make a blog, because it is very easy.I will guide you until you understand how to make your own blog,and its very easy, all you have to do and need is just read and learn and also implement.

The first thing we have to know to create our own blog was where to start it Wright?
So i Will give you some list a place to start your on blog,from a free platform and paying platform.

Free platform blog

I think the very best place to start your blog in a free platform was on blogger.Why? Cause its free and it had an easy menu to start.All navigation you need on blogger dashbord was very easy to learn and to setup.

The best part was on the theme editor.You can learn how to put a script on your template.This was a Perfect place to learn all you have to know about everything that related with blogs.Like posting,SEO,Scripting and many other that involved on creating a big blog on it.Include the use of Costum domain name too...

I Will explain all of that later on my next post.So stay tune ok😊.

Paying platform blog

If you want to start to be a profesional blogger was a great place.They Will provide all tools you need for a great blog that already purchase a premium package.

All the tools was to help you easy on SEO,monetizing,and plenty of theme that can make your blog have a beautiful appearance.

All of this advantage Will be my other next post.So i hope you Will stay tune in this blog,subscribe if you want it.
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The best

The relationship between SEO and Google adsense

The relationship between SEO and Google adsense is very close, where someone who wants his blog accepted by the most popular advertising network in the world must obey the term of service from google adsense.

Where is the close relationship?An adsense publisher has certainly a blogger who will understand the planning of blogs, whether it is in terms of arrangement of the display, speedload, until an article that sells. Well, all that requires understanding of good onpage SEO techniques.
Then what criteria if we want to be accepted as an adsense publisher?
1. Have a blog or siteIt is certain that an adsense publisher is required to have a site for ads to be displayed on their site. Even an owner of a YouTube video if the video monetation wants to continue is required to have a TLD domed site first. Similarly with appgeek ... those who have admob are advised to have a site in order to monetize their content to the maximum. 2.Must have a complete structured data An adsense content publisher…