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3 ways to gain Power of blog commenting

Blog commenting, one way to get the best nofollow type backlinks to increase your site's authority score. Have you ever read that the latest google algorithm follows best practice practices from SEO starter guide updates?

When you read the SEO starter guide then google better advise the type of website link type Nofollow is not it?

Blog commentings

Well, blog comments are the best way to get the nofollow backlink type. This practice can increase the authority of the site and if the site does the same then it will increase your popularity score in Alexa rank.

Power of blog commenting

If talking about the power of blog commenting, then its power lies in the strength to improve the score of our site ranking. The next question is how to do blog commenting is true and good. This 3 way how to do blog commenting is good.

1.commented relevantly

To benefit from the power of commenting on the blog is to provide comments that are relevant to the contents of the article we want to comment. Due to good comments box is usually done moderate comments first and sorted by the owner of the article.Jika we do not comment relevant, it is certain that our comments will definitely be deleted by the site owner.

2.Commented Using account name / url on blogspot and name / website on wordpress

To get the benefits of the blog comments visited, as much as possible you make comments using the account name / url.Karena account name / url will make your name anchor text from your url address so that what is said as an active url was not there.

3.Create a list of comments on a blog that has been visited into a static page.

This is useful as a place Linked url anda.Untuk some bloggers that can be categorized spam, in fact this is not spam but the fastest way so that both domains can have backlinks. Remember backlinks useful for both parties, whether the site commented or commented, if both sites have the same relevance value then the quality backlinks will be obtained. Unless the two sites have no relevance value at all, or have a different policy.
Example: sites containing adult content that seeks to get backlinks from non-adult sites. It is this sort of thing that will be spam due to differences in policies.
Well that's 3 ways to gain power of blog commenting.

Hope be useful.


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