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Relation between SERP and SEO

We often hear about SERP ranking both from writing in a blog article that discusses SEO as well as in many SEO forums. But there are also many who actually ask what is SERP? SERP is what? Is SERP different from SEO?
Well, this time I will try to answer all those questions about SERP and SEO.


What is SERP?

SERP in english is an acronym or abbreviation of a combination of several letters or syllables written and pronounced into a word like SERP.So SERP is short for Search Engine Result Page.So what is the difference SERP with SEO?

What is the difference between SERP and SEO?

When viewed from the meaning of the word SERP (search engine result page) with SEO (search engine optimization) then the difference lies in its function. In other words SEO is an action and SERP is the result of the action. So, SEO is an activity that produces SERP.

If SEO is an action or activity, it means that SEO has several steps to make the results in the SERP rank can be maximized. What steps are done for more SEO?

SEO steps for maximum SERP results

1.Create an SEO friendly site (SEO on page)

SEO Friendly Website has certain criteria. This criterion is also referred to as SEO on page. 
The criteria are:
  • It has a data structure with good markup delivery, and matches the delivery markups that the crawlbot can understand.
  • Have structured content so that it can present data that is easy to crawl by search engines.
  • It has the power of keywords in every content that is owned and has good keyword relevance value,also has the ideal keyword density.
  • It has a good load response so that data loading times do not overload the server or have responsive load responses.
  • Have good links both internal links and external links, so there is no broken links in it.
  • Good grammar also affects both spelling and enhanced ease of translation.
Above are the criteria of SEO friendly sites outline, not specific. Those criteria are important factors in terms of user experience or so-called user x.
If you want to know the criteria specifically then you should learn SEO on page first.

2.Have a good and quality SEO offpage

When talking about off page SEO is closely related to backlinks and rank score.A good Backlinks will produce good rank score too. If you already have a good rank score then it will be a huge supporting factor of the content you have.

From both criteria above we can take the a conclusion that to have a good ranking in SERP, then we are required to have a good SEO too. So if you want to have content that can occupy the first page on the SERP it is required:

  1. Structured data for easy crawling 
  2. Keywords, with high degree of relevance (semantics)
  3. User x or a good user experienceAuthority scores and popularity (niche blogs)
  4. Citation and trust score (onlineshop, internet marketer, affiliate marketer, webhosting etc.)
  5. Another thing that search engines can use as a differentiator from content content that has the same query.
  6. And so on until the results obtained from the winner of the query.
Well, if we observe very complicated is not it?
 You should not be too dizzy about it. "Actually, Just by creating content that is unique and searched by people and understanding how to research keywords", all of these things are already represented as quality content in the eyes of search engines.So, don't ever ask "whats my google serp" ever again.
Do you believe that? believe it or not,it works great !!!! ๐Ÿ˜Š
See you then๐Ÿ˜Š 


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