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The relationship between SEO and Google adsense

The relationship between SEO and Google adsense is very close, where someone who wants his blog accepted by the most popular advertising network in the world must obey the term of service from google adsense.

Google adsense

Where is the close relationship?

An adsense publisher has certainly a blogger who will understand the planning of blogs, whether it is in terms of arrangement of the display, speedload, until an article that sells. Well, all that requires understanding of good onpage SEO techniques.

Then what criteria if we want to be accepted as an adsense publisher?

1. Have a blog or site

It is certain that an adsense publisher is required to have a site for ads to be displayed on their site. Even an owner of a YouTube video if the video monetation wants to continue is required to have a TLD domed site first. Similarly with appgeek ... those who have admob are advised to have a site in order to monetize their content to the maximum.

2.Must have a complete structured data

An adsense content publisher is required to have a site that has a perfect structured data or no eror at all. The function of the structured data it self is that adsense adsbot can crawl all parts of the article so that when adsense ads can display ads that are relevant to the content article, the term used adsense is contextual advertising.

3.has a fast speed load site

Well, speedload is the most important part in improving the user experience based on onpage SEO optimization. Due to the adsense code code consists of Java script then the speedload of an obligation.

4.have a good Navigation on site

The next criteria is sufficient site navigation, intended for users to view article articles owned by prospective publishers, so that at the time this publisher is approved by the adsense site has a good user experience.

5. number of articles

The number of articles was not announced in the absolute terms of the policy, but adsense clue that every publisher adsense must have adequate content policy guidelines.This is a signal from google adsense if you want the status of application received a publisher must have enough content, in other words must has a sufficient number of articles. For visitors from a blog also has a significant amount.

Well that's some criteria that must be owned by a blog to be accepted by google adsense. These five terms are the foundation of a good onpage SEO creation. So SEO and google adsense relationship is a good onpage SEO application.

Therefore, if your blog wants to display ads from google adsense, please fix onpage SEO from blog you have.
Hope this might helps,see you on next article.


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