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How to Implementing SEO on blog

My first interest on SEO

On this occasion, I will try to explain the rules of application of SEO on blogs that we have.Actually, many bloggers who forget this technique, and think SEO is not important, but unconsciously they are actually implementing the SEO.

I also thought that SEO is not a certainty, because many people who write about it with a variety of language styles and styles of application.

But because of my curiosity about this one thing I finally decided to make a personal research in terms of SEO.

This is the result of my research on SEO that they said difficult to learn but very important existence for the sustainability of blogs that we have.

Implementing SEO

SEO on page

SEO on page consists of several important parts that I try to sort them selves according to my understanding, I hope you who read this article will be easier to understand as well. Because SEO on page is always associated with the look of blogs that will you serve to search engine users, the search engines will choose blogs that have:

1.Responsive templete

Site loading speed is the beginning of a site that is eligible for search engine users, so search engines will categorize sites that have a good loading speed as a site worthy of the highest search results. Some speed check sites made by Google can be your place to know the speed loading owned by your site.
Such as:
Both sites speed checker above is enough to know the speed load of sites that we have.

2.Structured Data

Data structure is the most important part in determining blog type, publishing time, modification time or optimization, author profile, and other things related to the structural validity of your blog.This can make the web crawl can recognize the form and type of articles that we have. It is very needed by adsbot that requires structural blog in determining the value of a blog that the blog we have created for humans or as early detection user x create crawlbot search engine.

3.minimum error page to be more easily indexed by search engine crawler

It can not be denied if a new blog is born has been determined to have a lot of eror value, both in terms of writing, image placement, structural articles to duplicate content and mixed content.Duplicate content can interfere with our rank rank In the eyes of search engines, even duplicate content , mixed content, match content, brokenlink etc., will affect the robot crawl when they crawl the blog or website we have.Bahkan impact can affect the loading time of our blog or website.Maka best way is to as soon as possible to minimize the error that is owned by the blog / website kita.Baranya can use some SEO tools available on the internet.

SEO off page

Off page SEO is actually simpler but the difficulty level is harder than imagined. Off page SEO is generally a way for our url to spread throughout the internet world, so our blog or website becomes more popular. To start sharing with social media is the best answer, because the social media audiences will get to know the blog or website that we have. But there are limitations that are not revealed by search engines. Because the ranking of alexa is not we get from the results of article shares on social media sites, but from natural results or search results from the user search engine itself in the search box.

Sharing articles via social media is just a form of getting backlinks on social media. So, actually this off page SEO application is on how we get backlinks and spread the url link that we have. Backlink is a buffer of site content so that until now still be used as a benchmark to get a ranking on the web designated by search engines. In terms of determining the rankings only moz and Alexa have a bond to publish the rankings as search engine references. Although semrush, ahref and majestic have their own metric rank, but the most influential scores are currently only scores of alexa and moz authority base on my assume.

To know the rank of our site or blog, try to visit the following sites to know your site score:

In moz you can find the authority scores of the domain and pages of your site or blog, whereas in Alexa only useful to claim the site you have. But if only want to check the score of your site, some tools available in the form of many available today . However I do not think here is a place to discuss it.

If you want to play in keywords that have intense competition, then backlinks are the support of your quality content. But remember, backlinks must be qualified, in other words we are required to have a backlink from relevant sites both in terms of Niche, content and relevance value from a backlink is able to support the content that we have.

As an example:
A better gambling blog has backlinks from gambling sites as well. When the gambling blog wants backlinks from the site / blog tutorial then the two sites will experience a dynamics called spam backlink or also called mismatch in terms of policies owned among fellow sites, this is usually stated on the page terms of service sites. And Punishment from search engines that will befall.
From the example above, we can conclude that quality backlinks are backlinks that have a common policy among fellow sites. If different policies are interlinked then googlebot will assume the policy is violated by the giver of the policy itself.

Well, from the results of my observations on SEO above, I hope a little more can be understood by you who read it, so you too can understand the name SEO is the exact is not an ever-changing science.

If there are less words from my submission this time, I apologize, and as much as possible I expect a correction from you dikolom comments below, so this article can be more useful for others.