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The beginning

My seo.

It's been too long this blog is untouched by my hand.Even very long time, since I started the activity and get acquainted with the name blog.Blog contains only a post that could be considered waste useless.

From now on and on maybe this blog will continue to contribute to its readers, in order to become one of the blogs that benefit all.

This is the beginning of my writing on this blog.

All content here was translate from my another now another person that came from another country can read it on English versionšŸ˜Š

Bismillahir rahmanir Rahim


The best

How to Implementing Google seo starter guide

Learn more about google SEO starter guide
On September google has update their SEO starter guide.Those guide was really great,not only their using meta description again,its also have several update about new use on JSONLD markups delivery as a new data delivery known as structured data on our sites.And now i would like to make it simplify to better for you to understand it.

Google SEO is a way of SEO practice by doing optimization in accordance with rules and policies owned by google.Plenty have say that this practice is the implementation of whitehat SEO practice.

Then what kind of practices should be done to match the policies of google?

In our writing this time will be discussed best practices that you can do in implementing google SEO.This was a guidelines base on google Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide

Google best practices SEO is the application of seo on page and seo off page Google seo on page is a basic practice of a site for the optimization process of search…