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The beginning

My seo.

It's been too long this blog is untouched by my hand.Even very long time, since I started the activity and get acquainted with the name blog.Blog contains only a post that could be considered waste useless.

From now on and on maybe this blog will continue to contribute to its readers, in order to become one of the blogs that benefit all.

This is the beginning of my writing on this blog.

All content here was translate from my another now another person that came from another country can read it on English versionšŸ˜Š

Bismillahir rahmanir Rahim


The best

How to Implementing SEO on blog

My first interest on SEO On this occasion, I will try to explain the rules of application of SEO on blogs that we have.Actually, many bloggers who forget this technique, and think SEO is not important, but unconsciously they are actually implementing the SEO.

I also thought that SEO is not a certainty, because many people who write about it with a variety of language styles and styles of application.

But because of my curiosity about this one thing I finally decided to make a personal research in terms of SEO.

This is the result of my research on SEO that they said difficult to learn but very important existence for the sustainability of blogs that we have.

SEO on pageSEO on page consists of several important parts that I try to sort them selves according to my understanding, I hope you who read this article will be easier to understand as well. Because SEO on page is always associated with the look of blogs that will you serve to search engine users, the search engines will choose bl…